This life, this life, I would like to keep that day for you alone Wen / Liu Qianxun This life, this life, I would like to keep that day for you. Even if it's out of reach, I'm willing to stay together for you. Standing on the other side of the world, the distance between you and me is not the distance between life and death, but the distance between heart and heart. I long for what you gave, but I can't depend on each other in the wind. The rainstorm can't kill my heartache. I haven't forgotten the promise I made to you. I care about you very much. The care in the dark has turned into emptiness and emptiness. And you care about me, why pretend not to care? This life, this life, for you alone to watch your return flight. because I love you. I am very, in the vast sea of people, God arranged to meet you. Meeting you is my endless love. Once I broke into your world by chance, I thank God for giving me such a worthy person. I have looked up at the starry sky, saw the meteor and promised it, can grow old with you. In this world, it is not because there is more you or less me, but because there is a waiting person in my world. When you appear in my world, I am more attached to the world. I am more gorgeous because of the presence of a you, because your presence makes me have a kind of beautiful expectation, and my heart is looking forward to every day, remembering the scenes you know, both. In the days when you were with me, the color of the sky never changed. It was always light blue and clear as the sea water. Now I look up to the sky, which is full of your shadow, you gently lead me to the sky. I make a wish, no matter what you do wrong in the future, I will always be with you.